Joshua Woodard, PhD

Dr. Woodard is an assistant professor and the Zaitz Family Faculty Fellow of Agricultural Business and Finance. His work focuses primarily on risk and policy issues in agricultural finance including risk management, banking, and insurance, with special emphases on empirical applications, spatial data analysis, weather risk, and large scale data analysis. He also specializes in the design, analysis, and evaluation of insurance programs, and has developed several crop insurance products currently sold in the market. He is the founder of, a live open data/open source data integration and automation platform. He teaches financial analytics, agricultural banking, and agricultural finance, and also oversees the Farm Credit Fellows program. He has published in a wide variety of journals in agricultural finance and economics, risk management, and insurance, and is also an authorized Expert Reviewer Underwriter for the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation to review plans of insurance for USDA and the Federal Crop Insurance Program. He also serves in a variety of leadership roles within professional associations.

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Joshua Woodard CV (Aug. 2016)

Journal Articles

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Completed Working Papers

  1. Woodard, J.D., and Verteramo*, L.; Efficiency Impacts of Utilizing Soil Data in the Pricing of the Federal Crop Insurance Program
  2. Woodard, J.D. and T. Sproul, "Identification of Hedging Pressure Effects in Commodity Futures-Options Markets: Implications for Price Discovery"
  3. Woodard, J.D., Estimation of Insurance Deductible Demand under Endogenous Premium Rates, Journal of Risk and Insurance
  4. Woodard, J.D., Developments in Modeling U.S. Crop Insurance Demand
  5. Woodard, J.D., " Big Data and Data Science Applications and Opportunities in Agricultural & Applied Economics"
  6. Woodard, J.D., L. Verteramo*, Gabriel Power, Dmitry Vedenov, and Steven Klose, Factors Affecting Changes in Managerial Decisions, Agribusiness: An International Journal
  7. Woodard, J.D., "Estimating Demand for Government Subsidized Insurance: Evidence from the U.S. Agricultural Insurance Market"

* graduate student ** invited editor review

Presentations and Activities

  1. Applications of Big Data in Agricultural Risk Management and Finance. 4th International Agricultural Risk, Finance, and Insurance Conference (IARFIC). June 2015. Washington, D.C.
  2. Invited Talk: Data Integration in Agricultural Economics Research. American Enterprise Institute Emerging Scholars Workshop. February 2015.
  3. Discussion Panel (Moderator/Organizer): Innovations in Index-Based Insurance. 3rd International Agricultural Risk, Finance, and Insurance Conference. 2014. Zurich, Switzerland.
  4. Technological and Spatial Effects on Agricultural Yield Forecasts under Climate Change. Agricultural and Applied Economics Association Annual Meeting. 2014. Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (AAEA).
  5. Invited Seminar: A Spatial Panel Approach to Modeling Livestock Mortality Insurance in Kenya in the Presence of Missing Data. Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science Seminar. November 2012. Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Waterloo. Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.