Ag-Analytics : Environmental and economic data consolidated into one comprehensive, automated database.

Ag-Analytics was motivated by the research group’s efforts to integrate raw data into a central server in order to translate research efforts into open source web tools for farmers and policymakers.

Via this centralization, we strive to eliminate the need for ad hoc data collection specific to individual research efforts by creating an open-source web-based interface for academic, government, and other researchers to integrate, query, and process large datasets in an automated, extensible, and scalable fashion.

The sheer scope and complexity of the “real world” necessitates adaptable and accessible data infrastructures, computational models, and visualization methods to tackle the research questions of the future.

The current Ag-Analytics efforts are a precursor to such systems, and will usher in durable next-generation decision-making frameworks for assessing agricultural policy and risk management, and achieving technological advances in the face of climate change and disaster events such as disease, flooding, drought, severe storms, and market shocks.

Ag-Analytics Conceptual Framework

Framework Diagram